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Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) released!

We are glad to announce the availability of the second release of Tanglu, codename "Bartholomea".

Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) RC1 released!

Today we are proud to announce the release of the Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) Release Candidate 1.

Compared to the previous Beta release, RC1 contains various bug fixes, most notably for bug #68, #84 and #99.
We also updated a few more packages to work better with systemd and fixed a Plymouth crash, as well as the Plymouth bootscreen not being shown in case proprietary drivers are used.

Also, all packages in Tanglu 2 are now installable and all remaining RC bugs are fixed.
You can expect the final release of Tanglu 2 on the 12.December.
Currently, release notes are being written, you can check out the current version at

You can download ISOs for the RC1 via the following mirrors:

Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) Beta2 released!

We are excited to announce the release of the second Beta of Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) today!