Upcoming: 2016

The past months were a wild ride for Tanglu. Leaving from our second major release in December '14 we went on towards the development cycle of "Chromodoris willani". Making big progress especially on implemention of Calamares as live installer was one of the main tasks. With an alpha and a beta version as well as two release candidates we achieved lots of updates towards Tanglu's core features: giving a convenient user experience though staying close to upstream Debian.

Currently Tanglu's development is on it's way towards Dasyatis kuhlii, our fourth major release within about two years! To give everybody interested the chance to test there is an alpha version around. In case you missed it grab the ISO file on tanglu.org. More details on the current state of development work and the Tanglu project in general can be found on our blog.

As 2015 is coming to an end very soon it's time to thank everyone involved: contributers of code and feedback, pre-release testers, active users on the forum - without you Tanglu wouldn't be as awesome as it is up to now.
Thank you for all your efforts!

For anyone interested to get involved with Tanglu: go ahead! We are very open to new ideas and nice people spending some time on the project. Check out the #tanglu-devel channel on Freenode or join the tanglu-devel mailinglist - ideally think about what you would like to do to improve Tanglu. There are also plenty of non-packaging
tasks to do, or you can help with the artwork. Just have a look at our our webpage on contributing. So if you are a Debian Developer or Maintainer or an Ubuntu Developer, please ask to join the team and you can get access quickly. If you know how to create Debian packages and we have a trust chain to your GPG-key it is also very easy to get involved. For everything else we will help as good as we can. ;)

But for now: have a very happy new year 2016!

(Parts of picture CC-BY ludovick)