Tanglu 3 (Chromodoris willani) released!

We are proud to announce the release of Tanglu 3 (Chromodoris willani) today!

Tanglu 3 comes with fresh new packages, a Linux 4.0 kernel, systemd 224,
KDE Plasma 5.3 and the latest GNOME release, GNOME 3.16.

On the installer side, the previous live-installer has been replaced with Calamares, which is now available as additional option to the Debian-Installer installation method.

The KDE Plasma flavor of Tanglu now comes with Plasma 5, and replaces the Apper package manager with Muon Discover, for installing new software (Apper will come back in future, when it is fully ported).
A lot of the KDE packaging is now shared with Kubuntu and the KDE flavor of Debian.

GNOME is available in version 3.16, although a few components are still on their previous 3.14 release.

Tanglu Core received the usual amount of updates, serving as a base OS for everyone who does not want a preconfigured desktop installed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! To Debian for the
great work on the OS we base Tanglu on, the Kubuntu developers for sharing the work on building KDE Frameworks 5 packages with us, everyone who contributed patches, packages and bug reports, and last but not least to our users for the constructive feedback during the (longer than usual) Chromodoris release cycle.

You can get Tanglu 3 ISO images in the download area.
Please take a look at the release notes first.

Have fun with Tanglu 3!

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