Tanglu 3 (Chromodoris willani) RC2 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the second and last release candidate (RC) of Tanglu 3, which includes Tanglu-KDE, Tanglu-GNOME and Tanglu Core!

The RC2 contains all changes from the previous RC1, and a set of important, last minute bugfixes. Most importantly, the EFI-live-cd-boot support had to be removed again, as it was not working properly. Complete EFI support has been deferred to the next release.

If you experience problems, you might find help on the forums. In case you find a bug, please report it at the Bugtracker.

Currently, the only known bug blocking the release is issue #122. If you are affected by this bug, you can work around it or install using the d-i install option on the live-cd boot menu.

In case you get the screen shield on the live-cd, you can log in again using the password "live".

Please check out the Chromodoris Release Notes before testing Tanglu. Currently, the release notes are a work in progress, and will change until we release the final version of Tanglu.

You can get the development release from the following mirrors:

We also continuously build snapshots of the current development state, and publish them here.

We are always looking for new contributors to Tanglu, who want to help shaping the future of this distribution! If you want to help, feel free to contact us via email to tanglu-devel, or via IRC #tanglu-devel (Freenode).

Have fun with the new development release!