Welcome to the Tanglu website!

Tanglu is a modern GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian, designed for the desktops of today, developed in the open on a modern development platform. While Tanglu is based on Debian, we explore new ways of building a distribution, giving developers and users the best experience possible. The Tanglu project is vendor-independent and has a social policy similar to Debian.

We recently released Tanglu 4.0 (Dasyatis kuhlii)! You can read the release announcement.

If you want to get in contact, check out ther user's channel #tanglu on Freenode. Alternatively, we also have user forums on the web. Discussion about Tanglu development is happening at #tanglu-devel.

You can also subscribe to one of our mailinglists, bigger announcements will be posted to the low-volume tanglu-announce mailinglist.